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    A new iPhone bug will crash the Messages app with a single text

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    A researcher discovered that a single text message could be exploited to crash Messages app by MMS on iOS due to a recently discovered bug.

    A single text message could be exploited to disable the Messages app on any iPhone due to a recently discovered bug.

    The bug flaw makes the Apple Message app inoperable, making it impossible to read text messages or iMessages. The flaw is serious, the app will continue to crash even when the user closes it or reboot the device.

    In order to exploit the flaw, it is necessary to send to the target device a vCard (a transferable Address Book contact) containing so many lines of code that the Messages app is not able to process.

    When the Messages app opens the message containing the vCard, it tries to open it and freezes displaying a white screen.
    Because the Messages app always tries to open the most recent text message when it is launched, it will continue trying to open the malicious message even when the app is closed or the whole phone is rebooted.



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